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Another 3 hours of LIVE music from PEARL

St. Patrick's Day night celebrations at Windy Hill - another rockin' success for Tulips HTWC

The first of five fund-raisers in five weeks - Windy Hill, Esentepe

Pearl Rock Band, official Tulips fund-raisers, voluntarily helping to raise charitable donations for Tulips (Helping Those With Cancer) Charity
Saturday was a long day for everyone at Windy Hill in Esentepe. The final three games in the six nations championship preceded a mammoth three hour musical fund-raising extravaganza from Pearl.
The audience comprised young and not-so young British, Turkish Cypriot and Turkish party revellers who greatly enjoyed the diverse range of music played by Pearl. There was something for everyone in the three hour set list.
Pearl mixed slow ballads, up-tempo dance numbers, rock classics, popular blues and some instrumentals from many artists and musical genres.
When the audience is 'so' mixed, Pearl always play something to please everyone and whilst it is a bit of a pain for the dancers in the audience who at times, were up and down and up and down, it's still an enjoyable experience.
So, the next date for Pearl fan's diaries is the 30th March when they are playing for a second time at the Almond Sport Bar in Alsancak. Pearl fans who would like guaranteed seating should contact Gary to book on 0533 832 5017 and are advised to do so as soon as they can.
Our photo album contains some pictures of the last charity fund-raiser that Pearl did at the Almond Sport Bar and we will be adding more photo's from the next gig.
Upcoming Pearl Charity Fund Raisers
30th March - Almond Sport Bar, Alsancak, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
7th April - Easter Fete, Chateau Lambousa, Lapta, Royal British Legion
9th April - Easter Monday Party, Windy Hill, Esentepe, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
13th April - Friday 13th Party, Kyrenia Animal Rescue
21st April - Launching New Outside Bar, Tumba Restaurant, Esentepe, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
27th April - Almond Sport Bar, Alsancak, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
4th May - Outside Party, Mamba, Alsancak, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
18th May - Almond Sport Bar, Alsancak, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
25th May - The 1st Courtyard Restaurant Pool Party, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
End of May - Esentepe Fun Run Celebration, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
2nd June - Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, Royal British Legion
15th June - Almond Sport Bar, Alsancak, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
29th June - The 2nd Courtyard Restaurant Summer Fund Raiser, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
13th July - Almond Sport Bar, Alsancak, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
27th July - The 3rd Courtyard Restaurant Summer Fund Raiser, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
Cyprus News
Cyprus News
Cyprus News
Cyprus News
10th August - Almond Sport Bar, Alsancak, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
31st August - The 4th Courtyard Restaurant Summer Fund Raiser, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
7th September - Almond Sport Bar, Alsancak, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
28th September - The 5th Courtyard Restaurant Summer Fund Raiser, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
5th October - Almond Sport Bar, Alsancak, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
2nd November - Almond Sport Bar, Alsancak, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
30th November - Almond Sport Bar, Alsancak, Tulips (Help Those With Cancer)
Click on any picture to view our full photo album of other Pearl fund raising gigs
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Creditwest Çatalköy Şubesi

Telephone: 009 0392 824 5620


Creditwest Donate 1250 TL to the Tulips Help Those with Cancer Esentepe Fun Run

25 runners receive 50TL sponsorship for the Esentepe Fun Run and that's just for starters

19th May 2012 - an important day for Tulips and for your Diary

When Art Watson contacted the Creditwest Bank to ask them whether they were interested in becoming sponsors of this year's Esentepe Fun Run, he discovered that they were the bank that likes to say "Yes!"
Creditwest Bank generously agreeing to sponsor 25 runners for 50 TL each got Art off to the perfect start in his campaign to find sponsors for the Esentepe Fun Run.
Now, Art is hoping that other local businesses will follow suit and if the initial result is anything to go by, it looks as though sponsorship donations are set to substantially boost this year's Fun Run' coffers !
Art, whose background is in international marketing said, "Really, it's a no-brainer" and insisted that Creditwest didn't need to be convinced about the merits of putting their name to one of the most high profile charity events in this year's fund raising calendar.
Following last year's unbelievable result, this year's event is guaranteed to get tremendous exposure in the media and the sponsors' names will feature in all areas of the campaign - both leading up to and immediately after the event.
Creditwest have agreed to supply Pearl with T-shirts to wear during the Fun Run which is a good example of the many different ways that a business can benefit by becoming a sponsor of the event.
It was smiles all around as Cem Soydan (Manager) and Deniz Oralman (Asst. Manager) of Creditwest's Catalkoy branch handed over the cheque to George Roper, a British Expatriate who, with the help of Tulips, is bravely fighting his own personal battle against cancer.
George is one of the principle organisers of the Fun Run and he has worked very hard throughout his illness to raise funds for Tulips - the cause that is closest to his heart.
Cyprus News
Cyprus News
Cyprus News

A big cheque from a bank with a big heart and that's not all !

When Cem and Deniz heard that Pearl was participating in the Fun Run, they immediately agreed to start off Pearl's sponsorship efforts with a further 200 TL donation from Creditwest.
Pearl will be passing sponsorship forms around the audiences attending their fund raising gigs leading up to May 19th and are hoping to raise a considerable sum.

AND to complete the Creditwest hat trick of charitable gestures

Following the cheque presentation ceremony, the group was enjoying the cake and soft drinks that were available and listening to Assistant Manager, Deniz, who was telling the very sad story of a young boy, suffering from cancer, who is the son of a family friend.
The boy is being treated in Turkey which is forcing his parents to travel backwards and forwards and stay there for extended periods.
This has been going on for eight months and during that time, together with their family and close friends, the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation has been helping and supporting the family in their time of need.
Deniz informed the group that Creditwest are in the process of opening a bank account into which they would like people to deposit charitable donations in favour of the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation.
It didn't take long for the offers of help and assistance to be made. In fact, whilst Deniz was telling the story, with a quick glance around the room, you could see that several of the listeners were waiting for her to pause so that they could make their suggestions and helpful proposals.
The first suggestion was that Pearl should dedicate their 30th March fund raiser at the Almond Sport's Bar to the boy and his family and that the funds raised at the event should go to the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation.
The second suggestion was from Deniz herself. She was going to inform the family's relatives and friends, the bank's management, employees and customers about the event and encourage them to attend so, it looks as though it might be a big one !
The third proposal was the offer of help that came from Cyprus Today reporter, Sue Steel, who promised to supply newspaper publicity for the event.
Shortly, we will publish the details of the bank account, together with instructions about making a donation.
Maureen Fellows, in attendance on behalf of the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation, personally thanked Creditwest for this charitable initiative and their assistance and promised that the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation would continue to do all that it can to assist the young boy and his family.


Putting the 'FUN' back into FUND RAISING

5 Gigs - 5 weeks. Ulterior Motive ? Selfish indulgence. Pearl enjoy performing LIVE Music !

Kicks Off on the 17th March at The Windy Hill in Esentepe

Pearl Rock Band - voluntarily helping to raise charitable donations for Tulips (Helping Those With Cancer) Charity
No Pay, No Expences, as usual !
Weekly, half-day rehearsals precede loading up the sound equipment, transporting it to the venue and setting it up to do a sound check. A two-and-a-half hour performance to do before packing up the equipment, loading it back up, transporting it back and unloading it usually, in the small hours of the morning. Why would anyone put themselves to all that trouble ?
It's no wonder that something that is often speculated about is why Pearl perform 'free' and really, the answer is very simple - Pearl perform live music as unpaid, volunteer, charity fund raisers for the same reason that their fans come to their gigs - they just love live music !
Hardened Pearl fans know the routine by now - when Pearl's guitarist, Daniel, goes walk-about to play his 10 minute guitar solo, members of the audience are invited to show their appreciation by making a voluntary donation into the locked collection box that is provided by the charity.
It's not fair really, because live music lovers who appreciate a bit of magical guitar mastery usually, can't help themselves and end up with red hands that are a little sore from applauding and a few bob lighter in the pocket, but it makes you feel good, is for a very good cause and every penny goes to the charity ! The charity opens the box and counts the money before issuing a receipt which we always publish here !
If the next Windy Hill Gig is anywhere near as good as the last, we will have lots more pictures to post and more happy memories of a good night out - which at the end of the day, is what this is all about !
Click on pictures to view full photo album
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Cyprus News
Cyprus News
Click on any picture to view our full photo album of other Pearl fund raising gigs
Cyprus News
Cyprus News
Cyprus News
Cyprus News

Chuck out the old and bring in the new !

Helping local charities to promote and advertise their charitable fund raising events

Quarterly Review - a change in emphasis !

by: Web Site Administrator
Following the December launch of the Cyprus News Review (CNR), at the end of February, I 'always' intended to do a quarterly 'review' - chuck out the old and bring in the new, so to speak !
The reason-absolute for starting "CNR" was (and still is) to help the local charities and fund-raisers to promote and advertise their charitable fund raising events and let everyone know about the good work that all the different charities and people are doing for the benefit of the local community - nothing has changed ! Please keep this in mind as you read the rest of this article.
When "CNR" started, I didn't know what the future held, I didn't know whether it would continue past the first edition or, become 'just' another one of those ten-a-penny web sites that litter the internet.
I want this article to be balanced so, before I brag a bit about what I do know, here are a couple of things that I don't know.
I've got to admit, although I do a lot of writing, I don't know 'that' much about how it should be done. I am one of those people who write things in the same way that I speak so, readers who know me should be hearing my voice as they read this - spooky !
I don't know that much about developing web sites either - it's just something that I do in my spare time. OK, with 'that' out of the way, here are a couple of things that I do know.
The amount of hits that a web site gets is irrelevant - it literally, means nothing. Forcing your readers to continually refresh the page, adds to the "hit-counter" and makes the page view figures look good for your advertisers but again, means nothing.
Page views from unique visitors is where its at, but even this isn't half as important as time-on-site so, why am I telling you this ?
I am telling you this because after just three months, in conjunction with our partner web sites - and - "CNR" is getting nearly 10,000 page views from thousands of unique visitors every month !
"CNR" is a lot of work for someone who can only dedicate their 'spare' time to it, but I must continue - why ? Because of these results - it looks like people may be interested !
Different domains with different names and different (relevant) Google-optimised content, rank for different keyword search phrases which increases the amount of visitors to our web site - so, it's simple, adding more partner domains adds more readers and this is the first thing that is going to change at "CNR" - we are going to add more domains - lots more !
Getting visitors from Google and the other search engines is definitely a priority for anyone who is publishing a web site, but 'good' content is what makes people return and keep coming back and this brings me to the next thing that I have learnt since starting "CNR"
I'm sure that, all the people who are involved in charity fund raising in Cyprus, enjoy visiting "CNR" to read about what has happened and what is about to happen on the Cyprus charity scene but really, it's not 'riveting' reading for Joe Public who, I'm sure, given the amount of other interesting information that is available free, on the internet, may eventually choose to do their reading elsewhere. OK, charity stories may be interesting for 'them' to read the first, the second or, even a third time, but will they keep returning to read more of the same ? I doubt it !
We don't want to 'eventually' lose our readers because we are boring them to tears in fact, if we were to lose the interest of any of our readers, we are doing a great disservice to the charitable causes who we are trying to help and promote and who, we want to benefit - remember the reason-absolute for starting "CNR" (paragraph 3).
So, sorry 'charity' guys but they do say that too much of a good thing is bad for you - charity news is important and will always remain a main and integral part of our web site, but the focus is going to be shifted slightly more towards "entertainment" and hopefully, shifting the focus will attract even more readers which in the end, will benefit the charitable causes that we want to help and promote - but, what do I mean by this ?
Well, we are not going to be introducing a Page 3 girl to "CNR" or, anything like that, but we are going to publish a weekly, LIVE sports TV programming guide which will include the name of the TV system that is showing the event, the local broadcast time, the relevant channel number and the names of all the local establishments who are showing these LIVE sporting events so that our readers know where they can go to see them.
It doesn't have to be a live sporting event either. People don't need much of an excuse, they just love to socialise - meet friends, chat, eat out and enjoy a drink and some form of entertainment - whether it's live music, a game of bingo or, cards, a pantomime, a show, a quiz or, just any old excuse - in future, "CNR" will be focusing on and promoting all forms of entertainment, including the entertainment that is not linked to charity.
"CNR" is the ideal place to publish this information and hopefully, the extra interest that this creates will result in our readers spending 'even' more of their time on our web site with a direct spin-off for the charitable causes and events that we promote.
"CNR" where charity meets entertainment and business !
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Voltage Regulator suppliers in Cyprus

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Tulips (Help Those with Cancer Association)
A charity dedicated to helping cancer sufferrers in Cyprus, irrespective of Nationality.
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Kyrenia Animal Rescue
A charity dedicated to helping neglected and abandoned animals.
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Kemal Saraçoğlu Foundation
Helping Children with Leukaemia and the Fight against Cancer
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